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Voice Channels take instant communication to a whole new level with real-time audio streams.

They are the latest innovation in communication software.

With a simple click of your mouse, you are instantly connected with your team. You can quickly ask a question, share screens, problem-solve, brainstorm or just small-talk without having to type out a message, make a phone call or send anyone over to a video conference.

Nothing is faster than voice channel communication… AND ClearONE Teams is one of the productivity suites to include this amazing collaboration feature!

We know that balancing your business or jobs with your personal & social life is not easy. ClearONE Profiles allow you to segment your productivity & communication tools based on all the different aspects of your busy world. It’s like having multiple productivity platforms for the price of one!

Optimize and organize your life by setting up a separate profile for your personal life, your business or job, different divisions, or teams, and for any committee or social activity you’re in charge of!

Life can be complicated, overwhelming, and messy… but with ClearONE, it doesn’t have to be.

Voice recording allows you to drop audio comments into projects rather than typing them out.

Need to add notes on a project, provide direction, or update your team on a new deadline? Just click a button, record, and save. It’s that simple and a huge time saver.

Who wants to spend time making phone calls, leaving voicemail, texting and sending endless email in order to schedule appointments? ClearONE automates the whole process for you.

The ClearONE Appointment Calendar allows your team, clients, and prospects to schedule available time slots with you automatically.

There are many advantages the ClearONE Chat feature offers. For one, ClearONE is the ONLY chat platform that also includes Voice Channel communication! While chat tools have given people a quick, straightforward way to communicate with each other, voice channels take instant communication to a whole new level.

Voice channel technology transmits your voice in real-time with a simple click of your mouse. It provides uninterrupted team communication with the same side-by-side collaboration you get when sitting around a conference table.

With ClearONE you can chat, share screens, send voice messages, images & videos, you can create different channels AND you can talk using instant voice channel communication. It’s a true game changer!

While you may be able to find similar bits and pieces of technology out there in the vast sea of productivity tools, ClearONE is in a league of its own!

ClearONE includes every communication & productivity tool you will ever need including Video Conferencing, Project Management, Chat, Voice Channels, Integrated Calendar, Appointment Calendar, Contact Manager, Document Vault and more! No need to pay for and manage multiple platforms to get the job done!

Additionally, all these tools are built on a fully encrypted platform so your project data will be safe.

Another unique feature of the ClearONE the Project Management tool is that when a project is created, the system automatically sets up a specific project Chat & Voice Channel with your project members to give you the ultimate collaborative experience.


Our desktop & mobile applications allow users to interact with our platform independent of web browser technology. This will greatly improve your overall user experience through a more responsive performance.

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