ClearCellular Membership Agreement

By activating or using any of the ClearCellular ClearCELL Service (and or approved Third Party Cellular Service Provider), I agree that:

• I will be charged a monthly fee per line. This fee may not apply to certain data devices/services. International rates and roaming charges may apply. Certain rates are subject to change at any time. I will receive billing notifications according to my communications preferences and will not receive a paper bill in the mail. My first service cycle may start several days after my activation. If I have purchased a device under ClearUnited, I will refer to my ClearUnited Private Membership Association agreement for the specific terms and conditions of that program.

• If I haven't signed up for a specific ClearCELL data plan, I will be charged for all data used on a per MB basis (rounded up to the nearest MB) unless I opt-out of data service. Data plans may also have throughput and other limits, including Rate Plan Allotments. Domestic OffNetwork data Allotments are: (1) ClearCELL HSD-2GB of full-speed data; or (2) ClearCELL HSD-50GB full-speed data.

• Third Party Service Provider Disclaimer. If a ClearCellular and/or ClearUnited Member elects to not use the locally approved and selected Cellular Service Provider in select regions, ClearCellular can not guarantee that such services will work as advertised in ClearCellular ClearPHONE(s) such as but not limited to AT&T Voice mail not working in the US Region or Verizon SMS/MMS being blocked or have limited service in the US Region, etc. Use such third-party Service Providers at your own risk. 

• Unless otherwise required by law, a Member may request a refund of a deposit after 24 months if my account has remained in good standing through the 24 months and I have completed the Porting of the Original phone number signed up with or a newly approved number by ClearCellular. I agree that ClearCellular, Limited. can apply deposits to any amounts I owe on any account, and ClearCellular, Limited. may require me to replenish my deposit amount.

• My "Agreement" with ClearCellular, Limited. includes: (a) this Service Agreement; (b) ClearCellular, Limited.'s "Terms and Conditions"; and (c) any terms specific to my Rate Plan or service. I can obtain copies of ClearCellular, Limited.'s Terms and Conditions, and my Rate Plan specific terms at ClearCellular, Limited. retail stores, at www.ClearCellular, ( or at under ClearCellular Member Acceptance. The English version of this Agreement will control over any other version. 

• Disputes. ClearCellular, Limited. requires ARBITRATION of disputes UNLESS I OPT-OUT WITHIN 14 DAYS OF ACTIVATION. See ClearCellular, Limited.'s Terms and Conditions for details, and for procedures available to Puerto Rico MEMBERs for appealing decisions to the
Telecommunications Board of Puerto Rico.

• Cancellation and Return Policy. For contracts of 2 years or more, I may cancel my Rate Plan without paying a termination fee by going back to the original point of purchase and returning all phones I acquired with my activation within 14 days from my activation (Return Period). The Return Period may be longer in some states. I may have to pay a restocking fee for any phone I return. If my Rate Plan (including any required data service in my Rate Plan column above) is canceled after the RETURN PERIOD, I will be required to pay an EARLY TERMINATION FEE OF UP TO $300 PER LINE OF SERVICE on contracts of 1-month or more.

• I understand I may be unable to switch to a different Rate Plan or other service and that if I switch, I may be bound by my existing or an extended contract term (including early termination provisions and fees) and/or charged a migration fee of up to $300 per line.

• I authorize ClearCellular, Limited. to collect amounts due directly from me without first proceeding against me or my company.

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